Custom Ear Plugs

Batteries 2 GO

Here you will find the State-of-the-art Proprietary Digital Processed molds.These molds are made from the finest and most durable silicone
and UV materials for acoustic performance and comfort.

Swim Plugs

$139.99 for Pair

Perfect for those athletic individuals. Our swim molds keep your ears dry and moisture free. A great fit for those prone to ear infections or those who just want to keep their ears dry. Our perfect seal swim plug is floatable and ensures optimum seal and comfort, the perfect protection for anyone prone to ear problems. The standard colors are red, blue, and clear.
This silicone is a soft and durable medical grade material.

Musician Ear Plugs

$199.99 for Pair

The unique engineering of musician earplugs allows the exact replication of sound quality but quieter. This is due to the earplugs mimicking the natural response of the ear. Conventional ear plugs only muffle speech and noise and reduce sound more in the high frequencies. In contrast, musicians ear plugs allow you to distinguish between each and every sound and you can really feel that bass.

Sleep Plugs

$139.99 for Pair

These plugs are definitive in comfort while sleeping and provide for a more peaceful night. Also they shield and protect your ears from harmful irritating outside commotions, for example, morning traffic, or ineffectively soundproofed structures. This style is additionally of advantage for recreational exercises, for example, snowboarding, dirt biking, ATV riding, and snowmobiling.

Full Noise Earplugs

$139.99 for Pair

These earplugs offer the highest possible sound attenuation! These ear plugs are great for individuals working near industrial noise, construction equipment, and even recreational activities where you’re exposed to high levels of noise such as motor sports and hunting. Full noise ear plugs are much better and provide more comfort than disposable foam plugs. They are also less expensive in the long run.


$139.99 for Pair

These are compatible with both traditional earbuds or in-ear monitors with a nozzle. The application of this feature allows you to secure them in your ear with custom ear molds made from state-of-the-art proprietary digital processes. With the integration of earmold technology,auditory signals will be channeled for ultimate acoustic performance and comfort.


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